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Sano Satoshi - Senior Assistant Professor at Keio University / Architect, Joint-director of Eureka © Ookura Hideki
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Architectural Design & Urban Design
Sano Satoshi is an architect and Senior Assistant Professor at Keio University. After working at Renzo Piano Building Workshop and Kengo Kuma & Associates, he co-founded Eureka - architectural design office based in Tokyo, and joined co+labo in 2009. Since 2022 he has led co+labo Urban Architecture at Keio University / Keio Architecture.
His major works include Dragon Court Village (2013), Eagle Woods House (2017), NAGI Terrace (2019) and Blue Box Office (2023).

Professional Experience
2004 Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris
2006 Kengo Kuma & Associates, Tokyo / Beijing
2009 Eureka, Joint Director (-current)

Teaching Experience

2009 Part-time Staff, co+labo Radović Keio Univ.
2014 Lecturer, Keio Univ.
2015 Research Associate, Tokyo University of the Arts
2020 Lecturer, Waseda Univ.
2021 Research Associate, Keio Univ.
2022 Senior Assistant Professor, Keio Univ. (-current)

Academic Background

2003 Graduated at Waseda Univ.
2006 Received a degree of M. Arch - Waseda Univ.
2016 Doctoral Course at Graduate School of Keio Univ.
2021 Received a degree of Ph.D. - Keio Univ.

Published Architectural Works

Published Research Papers


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